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Doula Tucson is a doula agency you can count on to fit all your needs! We are here to help you find a doula, who will be perfect for you, where you won't be disappointed. Call us today so we can get started on finding a doula for you today!

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Welcome To Doula Tucson

You are here because you are getting ready to have a baby! It is such an exciting time in you and your family’s life, and you want it to go as good as it possibly can. No need to keep googling, “doula services near me”, when Tucson Doula has you covered!

We here at Doula Tucson AZ are the best help to get you and your family through everything that a newborn entails. We provide help during the early stages of your pregnancy. We help you plan out your birth plan,and when your big day arrives, we help you through the craziness of labor!

We also have a hand in postpartum doula care, we don't just leave our moms behind! Furthermore, if needed, we also provide services for those who are at the end of their lives. Our death doulas, or also known as end of life doulas, help those emotionally and mentally prepare themselves and their family for their passing.

Why Choose Doula Tucson?

Tucson Doula offers the best doula services in our community. You can rest assured our doulas are not only professionally trained, but experts in their fields. We have made it our personal mission to help as many families as possible, as they transition into having a newborn at home, that it may be the easiest transition.

We value that our mothers and their immediate family feels supported and taken care of by the best hands, when they work with our doulas. We guarantee you and your family will be happy they hired one of our doulas! Our company is honored to help mothers in the community. We have helped so many and hope to be able to continue to exceed mother’ expectations with our care. We offer doula prices that you will be comfortable with, and that we will make work for you!

As an expecting mother, you are looking for a company that is not only someone you can trust but someone who knows what they're doing. We have helped many mothers go through pregnancy, get through the pains of labor, and get back home. We know what we are doing, we not only know it but we excel at it. We find it important that:

  • Your doula gives you unwavering support in your decisions
  • Your doula is up to date in all certifications and trainings
  • Your doula is someone you feel comfortable and compatible with
  • Your doula is there to help you and your family prepare for a newborn

We are so happy to have helped so many mothers in the past, and we will be honored with the mothers we will help in the future. We strive to be the best in our community so that our mothers get the best care possible. Call us today so we can get you a free estimate according to your needs! Let us schedule an appointment today to meet up with one of our doulas.

What to Expect from Doula Tucson

You can expect the best service when you work with Doula Tucson. You can expect to be a mother who is well taken care of in all aspects of her pregnancy and postpartum. We guarantee a quality of service that will meet all your needs, and those of your newborn and family. Our mothers love to know they are our number one priority, and that our doulas are proficient in what they need to know.

Today is the perfect day to get started on your birth plan. Today is the day you can feel supported and even more prepared for what is to come! We love to get to know our mothers on a one on one basis, we will set up an appointment with you at your convenience and wherever you feel comfortable! Whether that be at home, with your whole family, or on a casual coffee date, we are there!


Doula Tucson offers our mothers and their families varying packages and services that will fit your needs! We have packages raging from prenatal doula care, to labor and to postpartum and postnatal doula care. Here we will go into depth over each of them to ensure that you are made aware of all that we offer!

tucson prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Your doula is prepared to go over your birth plan with you

  • Your doula is there to help with keeping a healthy diet for your baby

  • Your doula is there to offer support to you and your family

  • Your doula is equipped with all the knowledge for an easier pregnancy

  • Your doula is able to help advise in any decisions that come you and your partners way

  • Your doula is available to you for any questions or concerns, 24 in the day, 7 days a week!
tucson birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Your doula will be there your day of labor

  • Your doula will have different positions for you to try to induce labor

  • Your doula will facilitate great communication between you and your team, keeping your birth plan in mind

  • Your doula can help with holistic ways to manage pain

  • Your doula can offer back massages and or foot massages

  • Your doula allows your partner to stay by your side through all of labor
tucson postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula Tucson

  • Your doula can help you transition into having a newborn at home, and your family

  • Your doula can help you learn feeding techniques, according to what you want

  • Your doula is able to help with family meal prepping

  • Your doula is there for hands on help, such as light cleaning

  • Your doula can help you and your baby learn a sleep schedule that works for you both

About Tucson

With a population of around 982,000 people, Tucson Arizona was the first city in America to be nicknamed the city of “gastronomy” or of the stomach! They got that nickname, from the range of different cuisines they offer! The landscape is a desert filled with many large cactuses, known as saguaros! They grow up to 40 feet tall! The Tucson economy is based on tourism, arts, manufacturing!

  • Marana, AZ
  • Sahuarita, AZ
  • Green Valley, AZ
  • Vail, AZ
  • San Manuel, AZ
  • Mammoth, AZ


“How can I find a doula near me that is the perfect fit?”

You have been looking for yourself, searching online for “doulas near me” and we understand how stressful that can be. That's why we are here to find the perfect match for you! Give us a call today so we can get started!

“How much does a doula cost?”

Doula Tucson cost varies per package and the services you are hoping to receive. Give us a call today so we can discuss how much is a doula normally, and how our prices differ and why! Let us get you a free estimate today!

“What’s a doula doing during a birth?”

A doula is by your side providing you support and words of encouragement. She is running to get you ice chips, she is giving you back massages, and she is helping you find positions to induce labor! She also has great pain management skills that are holistic. If you ever question what does a doula do, meet with one of our doulas today so you can discuss your options!

“What is the difference between a doula vs. a midwife?”

A doula and midwife both are present during the birthing process, but the doula is more focused on the needs of the mother! And the doula doesn't have any medical responsibilities like birthing the child that the midwife has. This allows for your doula to be by your side for whatever you personally need.

“Is there a postpartum doula near me?”

Of course there is! And we are here to make sure you find the best one for what you need and what you're looking for!

“Are there certain questions to ask a doula?”

Before you hire a doula, you will want to make sure they have the same core values that you hold, for your pregnancy and birth. It's also good to know how many births they have been a part of, and maybe even why they became a doula!

“Can I still have a family member with me and my doula?”

Of course! It’s your labor, and how you want it to go, we will strive for that! Your family member or partner will be able to stay by your bedside while your doula runs around getting what you need, and getting ahold of your doctor or midwife when needed.

"Natalie was everything I could have dreamed of. Even more. This was my third child, and I was scared to hire a doula, but me and my husband really needed the help. We wanted our third child to do an intimate at home birth, but we didn't want to do it alone. I am happy we went for the investment of a doula, and at home birth is amazing and miraculous, but it’s nice to have a team there to help you get through it!"

Anna p

"My doula treated me in such a way that I felt like I had my best friend or sister there the whole time. I don't think I’ll ever do it without a doula again, I swear she was exactly what I needed. The help I received and the care she gave me was exactly what got me through my labor, and my postpartum depression. Thank you Doula Tucson for finding me my doula!!!"

Tiffani s

"My doula was a SUPERHERO!! Not only did she help me recognize I was going into labor (LOL), but also she helped me get through labor. She knew different ways to help me speed up labor, which was what I needed, because I was not cut out for labor let me tell you. I mean who is haha, but I am glad I had my doula with me the whole time."

Jillian b

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Doula Tucson is what every mother is looking for. We have the services you need for your pregnancy, your labor, and when you finally come home with your newborn. By contacting us today, you can feel comfortable and assured that your doula wants what's best for you, and will be there to support you the whole way.

Contacting us today will ensure that your needs are met as soon as possible, we would be happy to do that for you! Let us set up a time to meet, you can get to know your doula and we can get to know you.

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